East to East is an on-going research project that seeks to enable students, academics and practitioners to examine, question and reflect on the particular contemporary landscape of the UK east coast. How can we use visual (and other) representations to decipher the east coastal landscape (rural and urban) in which we live? How do perceptions and experiences of the east coast change from north to south? How have past and present histories, geography, migrations, climate and culture influenced our understanding and experience of the east coast?

East to East delineates its initial investigation by using existing points along the east coast of Britain to create a new learning and research network for discussion, exchange and a platform to make new work.

Workshops include Orford Ordnance on Orford Ness, Tracing Britten at Aldeburgh and Snape. Exhibitions include Tracing Britten: responses to place at Aldeburgh Cinema Gallery (2013) and East to East: from Aldeburgh Beach to Landguard Point, Waterfront Gallery, Ipswich (2013)

Download catalogue East to East: from Aldeburgh Beach to Landguard Point.

Photo credits: image 3: Amy Sage, image 4: first year students UCS, image 5: LaLa, Laura Leahy, Mel Read, Sonia Symonds, image 7: Sarah Jacques, image 8 first year students UCS