Jane was commissioned to curate a site-specific work involving undergraduate and postgraduate students from University Campus Suffolk for the second Appel d’Air Festival of Art in Arras, France in 2016. The work referenced the connection between the twinned towns of Ipswich and Arras. During a number of workshops, students drew landmarks, maps and text associated with Ipswich and Arras onto fifty umbrellas that were suspended in the Place d’Ipswich for the duration of the Festival. The visitors to the Place could listen to audio accounts of sites in Ipswich under two portable umbrellas. The installation opened with Ch’tea Time in which over 100 Arras residents and visitors were served afternoon tea and biscuits in the Place d’Ipswich and talked about the two towns. The project was supported by University Campus Suffolk, Université d’Artois and Ipswich Arras Society.

Ch’tea Time images: Emily Godden