Hand in Hand was commissioned by Place Prospectors as part of the Love Stirchley More Festival in February 2013. Hand in Hand highlights the powerful act of holding and shaking hands as a symbol of affection, love, protection, strength and respect. It draws on bonds between partners, lovers, family, friends and community members of all ages and cultures. It celebrates friendship, love, support and strength in a community. Over eighty residents and business members in Stirchley, Birmingham were photographed in the act of shaking and holding hands. The resulting collection of images was installed as largescale backlit photographs and a projection on the Pershore Road in Stirchley, Birmingham.

In addition to the static images, contributors to the project, locals and visitors were invited to take part in a participatory event to create the longest line of holding hands that Stirchley had ever seen. Over one hundred people young and old gathered on the Stirchley Giratory one cold evening and joined hands.