The old bank house flat, a former 1865 merchant’s house in Saxmundham, Suffolk became the location for a temporary group exhibition Unboxed curated by Jane Watt and Clare Palmier for The Art Station. Bare floorboards, blank walls and opened cardboard boxes signalled the start of a new chapter. Artists were asked to work with, within and/or deliver works that could both be boxed and unboxed. The works by over twenty artists, from the size of a matchbox to a market stall, arrived in boxes of all shapes and sizes: DHL courier, Royal Mail, and hand delivered.


Photo credits work by: Image 1: Callum P Robertson; Image 2: Phoebe Pryor, Alice Andrea Ewing; Image 3: Phoebe Pryor; Image 4: Alice Andrea Ewing; Image 5: Jane Watt; Image 6-7: Justin Eagle; Image 8: Amy Drayson; Image 9: Srin Surti; Image 10: Abigail Lane and Srin Surti; Images 11: Ann-Marie James; Image 12: Annabel Dover; Image 13: SE Barnet.